Hate On Me – Why I Don’t Mind Edition Wars or Third Party Hate That Much

Sometimes I draw a deep breath and sigh over [insert your gaming the wrong way post here] as I read it. But, usually I don’t. In fact often I smile at them like a fox slid right into the hen-house.


Well, it might be best explained with this video from “Iron” Chef Michael Symon.

As someone who likes to create (worlds, stories, characters, systems… etc) it probably isn’t surprising that I also like to cook. So I watch a lot of foodie TV, read books and blogs, and generally enjoy the hell out of a good show with a few valuable pointers.

So the video above.

It’s about making eggs. Scrambled eggs actually. Why exactly would I bring it up in the context of gaming? Well if you watch the above video, Symon illustrates simply how to make perfect scrambled eggs. Puffy and fluffy with perfect “curds” and wetness. His perfect eggs. Wet, glistening, moist eggs.

Now, I HATE a wet scrambled egg.

I want them dry and firm solid as a patty. So this video pretty much is the exact opposite in a civil but unrelenting stance of “total correctness” that I couldn’t violently disagree with more than I do. But I LOVE the video. Why? Simple.

He tells me exactly how I should avoid what I want.

Pretty much exactly, surgically handing me the advice I NEED even though HE completely disagrees with me-all I had to do was ignore the opinion of his content and like quickened polymorph any object, I got exactly the advice I wanted in the end.

So please, please KEEP posting “5th Edition is the best posts,” “I only allow PFS rules rants,” “The Eidolon Ruined my game whines,” and “Third Party Sucks liturgies.” Hell, throw in some “Force Awakens looks awful,” “I hate your favorite book,” or “Superhero movies are bad,” whatever…

I will strip-mine it to nothing more than the stale Swiss Cheese of your hate and walk away richer… a better gamer, storyteller, and friend… EVERY TIME. Most people do this unconsciously anyway but I embrace this process with the Passion of an Alpha.

So thanks for the Hate.

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