Broken Crown – (Mythic Paths Usage: Binders)

So recently someone (specifically the amazing Alex Augunas, the Gaming Everyman of Know Direction and  Radiance House) expressed interest in exactly what Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres offered to the binder archetypes and classes of Pact Magic. I thought it was an excellent question! While designing the paths for the book a broad view was taken to support a lot of third party classes and unusual archetypes. Binders (particularly those from the ever awesome crew at Radiance House) have always held a specific love in our hearts here and got some specific attention. As such there are ways to use most of the mythic paths in MPotLS with a binder.

Some ideas include:

Hollow One – Most Binders build their careers around trying to succeed but this path would in fact favor one who tended to fail. “Bad Pacts” are defined as part of the qualifying list of “Afflictions” for the Hollow One class which means that they are likely to fuel dozens of Hollow One powers. Some GMs may even allow characters to fail binding checks on purpose. This is particularly useful to “sub-optimal” binders (multiclass or low attribute builds that have difficulty meeting the DCs of standard binding checks). Multiclass builds may flower into those that force the consequences of their penalties on others. Alternatively a “power combo” might resolve itself around a Spirit Realm oracle willing to use Gray Mockery on themselves–gaining an qualifying afflictions from the Mockery, the oracle curse, and possibly a bad pact–assuming your character can survive the negatives.

Overmage – On the other hand, the Overmage is all about magical foci and shaping disparate powers together. A binder could begin with Magic Remembered to snag feats from rival Occultists or with Magic Answers to dispel their spellcasting foes’ attacks while using Zeal of the Overmage to build powerful ramping morale bonuses for combat. The Color of  Magic, Hexcraft and Revelation of Magic abilities would allow you to broaden the array of abilities at your command while waiting for cooldowns. And if your archetype is a spellcaster, then the path opens up a lot more options.

Godhunter – Thematically binders as enemies of the divine has a strong association, and the paths abilities will greatly enhance a character headed in that direction but aren’t explicitly linked to binding. Binders would most likely focus on the paths defensive abilities against the divine but really could take it a lot of directions. But since the thematic association is SO strong: A Gift to the binding Godhunter.

Hivemaster – Initially I nearly dismissed this as a possibility but the likelihood of using the vestigial companions of spirits to greater effect with this path does exist. A really unusual build might be based on Heartbound feats with the Slaver of Hearts mythic path ability but we might not want to delve the implications TOO much (the blog is mostly PG-13 afterall)…

Timelord – This paths Instant Excursion power might mean never being caught with your “chalk down” or without other binding paraphernalia. Further uses of Alternate Self and its suite of abilities would give you highly flexible access to feats to support your current bindings. An occultist could take advantage of the Defer Fate and its later dependent abilities to make a “Paradox Warrior” who broke time… Time Reaver/Unbound Occultist sounds like a good multiclass here.

Will-of-All – Primarily good for multiclass binders its unity powers specifically allow you to base binding on full character level versus your occultist class or arcehtype. Support oriented binders would likely enjoy the path in the early tiers with Supernatural Union allowing them to share binding buffs on other party members. Ancestral Power and Reliquary of the Ancestors could give you access to feat support if your character is party of binding lineage.

Worldsinger – Mostly a benefit to the Soul Muse archetype, the Worldsinger is likely to be slightly more difficult to use without bardic music. That said any character with a good Perform check could utilize the path and benefit from Power’s Song which specifically impacts binder levels with bonuses.  Eventually strong ranks in perform will lead to a highly playable version of this path.

Super-Genius – Since this path is devoted to skill usage it is pretty much possible for any character with a decent Intelligence or strong skill rank base class to take advantage of it. Spirits frequently possess formidable buffs to skill rolls and this path can translate those to defenses and advantages to use against all sorts of challenges. Circe’s Runes could combine with Overload Device, Kit Bash and Uncanny Refit to make a character with stunning magical versatility and no spellcasting ability of their own.

Scion-of-High-Sorcery – Possibly the “Worst” option for the binding classes because it nearly demands a spontaneous arcane casting class. That said the sorcerer archetypes and multiclassed characters could use this to great effect with a binding/caster build.

So which paths would make a good mythic binder? Nearly any of them. I would say that Hollow One, Overmage and Super-Genius probably top the list, each for very different reasons but nearly any of the paths in MPotLS could be engaged with the right build. Probably best to leave Scion alone… unless you really want to.

For more information about binder classes see Radiance House here or on Paizo.

You can get Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres on: RPGNow or Paizo or!

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