Bad Blood – (Lost Spheres Gazetteer: Thaon)

As the release of Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres is now imminent we are sharing previews from the Gazetteer appendix of the Lost Spheres Meta-Setting to give you an idea of the kind of connective tissue we are intending for your own home campaigns. Today we look at: Thaon, Home of the Auri’kiir Bloodclans

Gazetteer Entry: Thaon

Thaon is an ancient world of flaring ambient magics. The Auri’kiir (Blood of Power) are a group of lineage-based sorcerers known to hungrily seek ways to strengthen their unimaginable arcane abilities.  They are not above kidnapping potential mates and seeking congress with powers strange and otherworldly to rise their respective family clans to the highest degrees of magic.

The Auri’kiir travel the worlds of the known multiverse seeking new sources of strength and are often prone to meddling in the affairs of worlds they visit. Frequently experiencing lives extended by their vast magical abilities a season starting wars or testing mages on a distant world is a common enough affair.

Location Type: Sorcerer dominated high-magic world.

Mythic Presences: Across Thaon, the presence of Scions-of-High-Sorcery is a known reality of the Auri’kiir’s ruling families. As high above their sorcerous kin as those mages stand above the lowest blooded commoners, the Scions of Thaon predate other mythic beings with a relentless prejudice and possessiveness over their homelands.

Connective Options: Abductive and Invasive. The Scions of Thaon’s Auri’kiir are likely to show up in other campaign worlds, testing the native inhabitants looking for other spontaneous casters and often, if pleased, adopting them into their “family”, by force when necessary.  Otherwise they may seek sources of unique magic and attempting to claim them for their own. Occasionally even good-aligned Auri’kiir will make their own claims to what (or who) is “needed” to combat other clans of more ruthless varieties.

Adventures in Thaon: The sorcerers of Thaon are most likely to visit another world, but their home with its pervasive Bloodclan Wars and the magic-granting risks of the Worldfire present possibilities to the adventurer who is bold enough.  Weaker clans have been known to discretely reach off-world to adventurers to handle complex affairs for them without revealing their compromised strength to others.

Characters may also be likely to find that, to their surprise, their own magical lineage has ties to these ambitious bloodmages. An entire campaign world may topple to chaos when the “distant cousins” choose to stop by for a holiday.

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