The Draw… (Lost Spheres Gazetteer: Otrius)

As the release of Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres is now imminent we are sharing previews from the Gazetteer appendix of the Lost Spheres Meta-Setting to give you an idea of the kind of connective tissue we are intending for your own home campaigns. Today we look at: Otrius, the Flower at Zenith

Gazetteer Entry: Otrius

When a world finds itself in a rare moment of cosmic balance its magic can experience what few worlds dream: Zenith. This state, rare and delicate, opens the floodgates of magical diversification in ways few wizards would dream of. Wonders possible nowhere else are achieved and legends are made with each passing day. Such a world is Otrius.

Otrius is in the depths of a period of magical proliferation and its Overmages lead their people to seek mystical experience and lore from across the skies of all of creation.  Mages, psions and dozens of other mystic traditions find their ways from Otrius into any world that may have a magic yet unknown. While others act as missionaries of the little known varieties of magic they represent to other worlds where their traditions may take root.  And in the wide worlds of creation sometimes a mystic is sent cryptic summons or puzzle made to lead them to the Otrian Overmages themselves.

Location Type: Inquisitive Visitors and Magical Utopia.

Mythic Presences: The Overmages of Otrius are said to encourage their people to seek new knowledges and secrets of lore. As such “apprentice” Overmages travel the worlds of Creation and often conduct experiements or investigate fallen cultures. Otrian Masters-of-Shapes are among the most skilled manipulators of internal magical reserves.  Rumors also abound the that time-traveling Riverwalkers may have been born sometime on Otrius in the distant past or a future yet unknown.

Connective Options: Strange Visitors or Distant Paradise. The residents of Otrius could become the founders of magic orders in nearly any campaign setting or be explorers seeking to understand a settings unique magical nature. Misunderstandings in Otrian visitors initial relations to the world may even cast them as well-meaning villains disrupting the natural flow of a campaign world’s magics with stern interdictions or experiments unsafe for the unknown environs.

Adventures in Otrius: The likelihood exists that Otrius could also be the end goal of a campaign. The discovery of it and the journey to travel there might be an effort reserved for the greatest of heroes seeking a curative miracle or magical solution unheard of on the world of their birth.

Alternatively, an Otrian patron secretly operating to delve the secrets of their own campaign world may entangle them in the machinations of rival factions of mages, scholars or scientists. Entanglements on this scale might even take the heroes back to their homeworld and involve them a game of mystic politicians on a cosmic scale.

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