Mirror… (Lost Spheres Gazetteer: Sarros, the Mirror World)

As the release of Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres is now imminent we are sharing previews from the Gazetteer appendix of the Lost Spheres Meta-Setting to give you an idea of the kind of connective tissue we are intending for your own home campaigns. Today we look at: Sarros, the Mirror World

Gazetteer Entry: Sarros

Some say Sarros was the name of the man who “created” this other planar doppleganger-world. Others say it has never meant more than the name of the place it now is. What is known that once there was a man in the earliest of days who sought to make the perfect map. His map was to be so grand, so magical it could show him the lay of all of creation. In those early days, it was said, that the laws of magic were still being defined or perhaps tested and no mapmaker had yet to try his craft with them.

Dying in the effort and unleashing a final wild burst of primal magic, the man wasn’t sufficient to the task.

His creation may yet be.

The map lost form and distinction in a weave of magic run wild and it became a planar space deep with the Void. It continued with its mapping imperative, imprinting itself by echoing at random the vast infinities in duplicate, to scale–a world of copied nations and cities, mountains and seas. In an attempt to express efficient power use, the magic of the “map” has become such that it moves until encounters sufficient mystic resistance and then shifts its “edges” to another location it has yet to encounter. The result is varied copied aspects of reality randomly shifting into another in disjointed, uneven replication, like a quilt of patchwork.

Creatures are most often involved in the shifts of resistance. Individually, only the most powerful resist the pull of the world, but those who fail resist it completely are most often copied as well or rare moments transitioned with the maps passing. As time passes the edges age and weather, but the borders are often stark and knowable centuries after they are mirrored.

Location Type: Extraplanar shattered wild-magic mirror and disjointed reflection-landscape. Random landscapes allow fusions of multiple previous campaign setting sites regardless of origin. Creatures are transitioned, sometimes whole groups but often only in part with a mix of copies and rarer originals, stolen from where they once stood.

Mythic Presences: The nature of Sarros’ accidental creation was such that it was formed “outside” of most normal cosmologies. Powerful entities such as the Primals of Unity have utilized Sarros to remain active even during times of exile.  On occassion mythic entities have also been replicated by the “Mirrorstorm” that is magic of Sarros’ sweeping replication. Many varied mythic beings travel its strange jigsaw terrain, some hiding and plotting, others wondering how they came and how best to leave. Lastly, the Five, a group of ascendant Hivemaster monsters have become a central part of Sarros’ rule and religious configurations.

Connective Options: Replicative and abducting. Sarros is capable of joining physical aspects of two or more campaign settings into the same space. Physical aspects of prior games can be reutilized in new and unique ways.  Additionally, the “cloning” effects of the mirror-world mean that a character in progress in an existing campaign may be brought into Sarros and still remain at large in their original world. Characters finding their way into Sarros often become aware of their duplicate nature and react by trying to redefine themselves. Players are advised to find ways to distinguish copied Sarros characters from original versions upto and including renaming the character as they come to grips with their “clone” status. Others uncertain of their nature realize that the “Mirrorstorm” thwarts conventual means of escape, including plane shift and teleport magic, become obsessed with trying to find a way to leave.

Adventures in the Sarros, the  Mirror World: The opportunities for adventure with Sarros are dizzying particularly if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if the Dragonlords of Iranthe were to face the Lich King of Peshat from that other campaign two years ago. Why wonder? You can run it and find out.  Or instead run a story of the fated few that find themselves trapped in a twisted distortion of their homeland and must quest to its strange and unfamiliar surroundings to find a way back home. Sometimes secrets are copied over as well, libraries preserved before their destruction or ancient cities swept up before their upheavals–an adventuring group could easily find getting into Sarros to recover what was lost its goal.

Sarros is a great place for experimental games, short-term or crossover events. It also supports a “contained” mythic environment that you can try-out and leave behind if the systems don’t suit your games normal play-style.

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