Stars Dance… (Lost Spheres Gazetteer: Aldra)

As the release of Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres is now imminent we are sharing previews from the Gazetteer appendix of the Lost Spheres Meta-Setting to give you an idea of the kind of connective tissue we are intending for your own home campaigns. Today we look at: Aldra, the Dancing World.

Gazetteer Entry: Aldra

Aldra is also known as the Dancer or the Dancing World. Drawn into the multiplanar conflict between the Destari Jeweled Lords, the Eternal Dawning and the Alliance of the Dark, the draconic Zenith world of Aldra had become a strategic battleground. As the conflict hit an apex, the Storm Portals of the Alliance overloaded rupturing the planar membranes surrounding the world and caused it to tear free of time and space.

Location Type: “Rogue” Planet. Aldra is now flickering through time and space manifesting erratically. Most portals to it are effectively one way though apertures to other worlds do exist from time to time.

Mythic Presences: The conflict of the Dawning and the Alliance involved forces representing all mythic paths presented in this product. Destari Jeweled Lords are frequently mythic characters and often have dual-paths most frequently favoring Will-of-All and Overmage. Xeggan voidcrowns are distinct examples of the Hollow One paths. Xoe ascendants contain a number of Will-of-All path masters. Scions of Ambriddon were a major faction in organizing the Alliance of the Dark. Even the indigenous dragonkin of the world have a share of Worldsingers. The nature of the world’s transitions also means a number of singular mythic entities have found their way to Aldra only to become trapped there by its unique planar configuration.

Connective Options: Transitive. Temporal. Aldra is effectively unstuck in time and space, providing a means to bridge nearly any group of campaign settings. Its own energetic issues surrounding the “Riftwall,” its damaged planar membranes can explain transitions between rules variants and even game systems if needed. A massive network of portals connected the world to literally thousands of other destinations and intermittently these portals stabilize long enough to allow transitions. On rare occasions, called Tangencies by Aldra’s natives, the world will manifest in proximity to another world, its rainbow hued sky and luminous aura shining like a brilliant  ghost for moments, hours or days before vanishing again. The Aldra campaign setting itself presents an extended environment for mythic conflicts while being contained within the Riftwall and will feature in future Lost Spheres products.

Adventures in Aldra: The most basic options involving Aldra involve its manifestation, the party’s exploration of the world or portal leading to it, and their subsequent escape from its time-lost motions. It is a perfect place for mythic ascensions if the party has not yet become mythic or just as a stomping ground for mythic characters needing a new source of challenge. For most GMs, Aldra serves as a temporally inconsistent way to shift characters between other settings.

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