Testify… (Stress Testing Crimson Intro Session – Spontaneous Gaming)

So, I’m currently on vacation in Iowa and enjoying some serious small town charm. I was surprised to find out that my hosts (two lovely ladies of a fine-aged grace) were quite serious when they had mentioned that they wanted to understand what this whole “gaming thing” was about.  And so I whipped out my scenario from the Crimson intro session and tweaked it in a few minutes to make it work for a brand new (and yet very experienced) group.

Party Breakdown –

Koralla – (Half-Elf Sorceress 1 [destined bloodline]) – A beautiful young girl born to a elven mother whose stay in Crimson certainly restored her fertility as her human red mage lover attested.  Returning to the North in shame she eventually entrusted the child’s well-being to her brother Shenley. Too bad for Koralla that her uncle had already attracted a local thug with ties to the Innocent who wants him dead or to extort enough gold to ignore his paltry thieving.  She’s never yet met her father.

Shenley – (Elf Rogue 1) – The elf rogue was always disatified by the perpetual mourning of his people and often times free with the possessions of the fallen, eventually the cold elders of the Northern kingdom encouraged him to find a home among the people of Crimson as their passions seemed to “suit him” better. Shenley was soon back into his old tricks when his niece showed up to come under his “guardianship.”  She barely warned him of the price on his head and the protection money he could pay to get rid of it before it was too late.

Jumbazza (Gnome Ranger 1) – Gnomish warden raised among the Imar barbarian times, Jumbazza was lured to the city of Crimson by the stories of the fine dwarven crafted arms and armor that could easily be had there.  Her love of fine weapons and dwarven drink soon sped her into the hands of Crimson’s debtors and the shadowy lords of the Zehrdan. She knows its a good idea to get gold fast and the Hall of the Mysteries was offering it.

Aubris the Soulsighted (Human Oracle 1) – This human mystic was charged with the investigation of a section of the dwarven Underhalls that lead between Crimson and the village of Kilnheart. His spirit sight indicated the divinities favor was with the half-elf and her unscrupulous uncle as well as the gnomish hunter with a hatred of all things crawling. Gifted by the shards with the power of life, he only had to give the heavens his eyes.

With the blind healer leading them, they moved into the dark and came face to face with the skittering embers and their explosive death throes, a mysterious pillar altar, and a bridge of light given form by the sacrificed of “the Greatest Treasure of the Dwarves.” The night winded down with them approaching the shining bridge across the cavern and taking their first steps into 2nd level!

Testament of a Plan

Despite a turnaround of just a few minutes the scenario proved robust and welcoming enough to drop in two brand new players in their sixties into the fight of their lives beside their “uncle” and the blinded mystic.  Not too shabby for an unintended game and proof of a solid intro session plan. As for the “real” Crimson players… they’d better be careful or they might be just be lapped by these bad-ass ladies.

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1 Response to Testify… (Stress Testing Crimson Intro Session – Spontaneous Gaming)

  1. Aaryn says:

    Bring it, Ladies! This oracle’s got nothing to fear! 😉


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