The Chosen… (Endamon Player PC Planning Example: Aaryn)

I recently was talking to my friend Aaryn as we prepared to generate his Endamon character. He was pretty excited about the new game.  He’d already read over the campaign background and really liked the idea of the fetchling culture, so we started with that…

Player Profile – Aaryn

Profession: Nuclear Magnet Repairman and Copywriter

Game Style: Character Focused Roleplayer/Team Player

Experience: 20+ Years, Fantasy Table Top and MMORPGs

Gaming Drives:  Cooperative Play, Sense of Significance. Focused Concepts. Story-Based Achievement.

Building on the Drives:

Cooperative Play – Aaryn really hopes to have group synergies and good role coverage, if not an “overly” optimized group. He tries to sublimate personal drama in favor of a good rhythm for the party and only when other drives (see below) are threatened does he compromise group integrity. This can result in taking a more passive role in heavy role-playing (and has on occasion in past games with him) and I make a note to encourage a more challenging party dynamic that supports his cooperative-intentions without forcing him into a subordinate or wall-flower role. He specifically wants to focus on a support class character.  Reviewing classes that are central to Crimson the two heavy contenders are: oracle or red mosaic mage.

Sense of Significance -Aaryn is not a true “power gamer” but he really likes to feel significant. Most gamers do. Whether its mechanical or story-based, he wants his character to matter.  His stated goal is to play support.  That means he probably will need a higher sense of story impact to have an overall sense of gravity for the character. The intellectual healers of the Crimson mages aren’t entirely unappealing.  But when compared to the appeal of the divinely selected, cursed and uplifted status of the oracle, it wasn’t much of a contest.  It didn’t hurt that fetchling’s racial modifiers support oracle really well. Allowing support while being potent, Aaryn decided he liked the idea of the political power that we determined this class would have in the setting. Plenty of role-playing fuel but still a solid cooperative build with access to the best support list in the game.

Focused Concepts – Aaryn likes to focus. Single class over multiclass. Melee over range. His characters are almost always right up in the face of the situation and are not easily dissuaded once a course is set. Deciding that a stronger buffer will compliment the party specifically he decided to hear a bit more about party composition before committing to either mystery or curse.

Story-Based Achievement – Aaryn likes to win or accomplish things.  He wants a story with a flow of events, sense of opposition and clear points of success. He’d rather NOT sandbox if he can help it instead preferring the structured arcs and events. Playing an oracle with a spiritual and political link to Crimson it is VERY likely I can match these. It is also quite likely his character is already familiar with Reynal from my initial game session planning making attaching the group to my planned adventure easier in an organic and believable manner.

The Character Base

Fetchling oracle. He decided to determine gender randomly and rolled a female. I am pleased that his character almost exactly foils Ness’ character because of her own echoing of the themes of darkness and light–being a creature born of shadow and empowered by light. His character will give me an opportunity to explore the fetchling’s alien-colonist and planar culture and its connections to Endamon. Her links to the ruling oracle-caste will mean the storypoints will flow naturally to and from her.

I can’t help but notice with covering the roguish archetype edgewalker for Ness and Aaryn embracing the oracle’s supportive divine role that we are still missing a dedicated melee fighting and some sort of ranged damage… I can’t wait to see if the other players match those roles or if the party shapes up along the lines of a core balanced party at all.

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