Endamon: Hey! Hey! The Gang’s All Here… (Endamon Classes 2)

So earlier we looked at our campaign setting creation example Endamon.  We discussed the premise of the gods and their failings and the way those issues informed our choices in core class mix for society.  Keeping in mind that there are plenty of NPC class characters in the world, we should probably address some of the other core and base classes of the game and round out any third party options.  Remember with gods at the heart of our worldseed, classes (as the are greatly impacted mechanically by the gods) are very important to have a handle on.  As a recap we altered out fantasy core to replace some of the common classes of the base Pathfinder Roleplaying Game to the following:

  • Fighter (warshade) – Added supernatural power for a stronger damaging tendency.
  • Rogue (talented rogue) – Added variability and made sneak optional as that our rogues lean toward the romantic.
  • Oracle (Subbed for Cleric) – Added focus over reduced healing and versatility.
  • Mosaic mage (Subbed for Wizard) – Added versatility and healing but reduced damage options.

So looking over the classes we need to think a little more about the world.

Core Classes

It is safe to assume that most players will want an option for all core classes:

  • Barbarian – These guys are usually from savage areas or uncivilized places.  Well we know the Shards Below fell when the Moon shattered.  Maybe they hit the world as giant meteorites and destroyed much of the civilization that was there at the time.  Some of these areas never quite got it back together and are still wrecked and broken even generations later.  The Ruined Lands seems a likely name.
  • Bard – These guys are probably right in with our rogues and won’t need much nuancing.
  • Druid – Druids are an interesting choice with the consideration of the Barbarians.  Our druids are helping the world recover from the Shard-impacts.  The world is slow to heal and our druids are angry–a possible source of another villain group for our setting.  Angry nature avengers strikes a chord with me and with the relative limits on shapechanging, only blue mosaics have an easy time competing with the wildshape ability.  These guys can pretend to be animals, call up elementals, and summon beasts.  Yes, one order of angry neutral evil eco-terror coming right up!  This also means PC druids are renegades caught between the traditions of their teachings and the will to save civilization too.  Might be a fun concept.
  • Monk – This class is a bit of an orphan, but someone might want it.  Remembering that the god of thieves was blinded by the sun goddesses’ power and fear, it comes to me that he may have been permanently blinded.  Our penitent rogue may have sought shelter in the world of men.  The idea of a monastic order founded by the repentant god seems interesting.  I set that aside for now and make a note to revisit it.
  • Paladin – Paladins.  Wow, this world is not screaming paladin love.  A small group of clerics of the sun-goddess might have an even smaller group of paladin guardians but this class is going to be ultra-rare.
  • Ranger – Growing up around the borders of the Ruined Lands and the forests of the druids, rangers seem a very likely in the mix and the class needs very little alteration.
  • Sorcerer – Much like our mosaic mages, it is likely that our sorcerers are empowered by the Shards Below.  I decide that most sorcerers are probably people who were born near a Shard or exposed to one when mining for prisms for the mosaic mages.  This also might inform us that creature around the Shard impact areas may develop supernatural abilities over time.  Wow!  Sorcerers and monsters and we haven’t even actively got to our campaign structure yet!

Base Classes

Base Classes are not specifically suited for every setting but are pretty classic fantasy roles:

  • Alchemist – Extracts and formula are sounding like secrets again, and it is likely that majority of these potion swilling scholars are in “camp evil” under the eyes of our Keeper of Secrets.  If a player is really interested I consider the identification of Pact Magic to strengthen the significance of the Moonvoid, we look at occult chemyst as a major component of the society.  The concept of dependence on a supernatural force might be fun to have present in society.
  • Cavalier – Endamon is not seeming a great place for shining chargers and sparkly knights but it may have some smaller more civilized kingdoms.  Archetypes like pactsworn knight are where we will likely find a place for these guys.
  • Gunslinger – The mythological feel of the setting is not likely to support a ton of gunslingers.  Here I will save some effort and say that they are practically unheard of.  I make a note to see if player wants one and leave it at that until I hear otherwise.
  • Inquisitor – We discussed that clerics and organized religions are minimal so inquisitors as a player character option are likely sun-goddess oriented.  I start to realize that the church of the sun goddess must have some significant resources to exist at all as strained as it is.
  • Magus – Magus is a natural fit to the setting.  If fighters learn warshade binding, then magus is the cousin who gathers the Keeper of Secrets forbidden lore and uses it to blend wizardry and swordplay into a similar technique.
  • Summoner – Summoner as a spontaneous caster may benefit from similar treatment to our sorcerers.  I am thinking that a specific area or areas near a Shard crater creates them instead of sorcerers.
  • Witch – A more lore focused treatment of the magus “stealing from the Keeper of Secrets” might be appropriate here, especially since witches can pick-up knowledge from wizards spellbooks.

Third Party Classes

A few options from Third Party sources might help round out our society here:

  • Occulist Since Pact Magic is going to be a thing for our setting we have to have the heavy hitter of the Pact Magic set.  The idea of these seal-masters training right alongside the fighters of the setting makes them probably one of the most prevalent classes in the setting.
  • Reaper With the concept of “warriors who take power” I think this would  make another interesting option as a sect of warshades and magus might have discovered a third mastery over the powers unlocked in death.  The classes ramping death-driven abilities make it a perfect shoulder-to-shoulder fit with our warshades.  Mechanical considerations for multiclassing might be in order.   Our melee core is shaping up to be a strong lot.
  • Wilders And other Psionics.  As a final round out the influence of Shard-impact sites I think having some creatures diversify into psionic states might also be cool.  Wilder will be the go to class for this manifestation but others would be easily allowable.  Rage surge wilders from the barbarians areas would be a nice additon.  Maybe a group of psion telepaths trying to root out the Keeper of Secrets darkness?
  • Edgewalkers With an ongoing theme of light and dark I really like the idea of a class that uses the pull of light and dark for a power source.

There are of course considerations beyond these but there comes a point as a worldbuilder that you need to probably put the rest of the myriad options out there in a box with a “deal with this if a player asks” label on it.

How did our story grow?

Well, we now know that our world is ravaged by meteoric impact craters from the falling Shards.  People and creatures get strange and unnatural abilities from these magically radiant wastelands.  The druids of our world are not happy about any of this and some of them are so filled with hate they are bad guys now.  Our barbarians and rangers are probably from fringes at the edges of societies.  Our civilized areas are probably each controlled by a powerful resource-heavy cabal affiliated with the sun-goddess or the Keeper of Secrets.  Our low-towns are probably home to ghost-drunk alchemists and poet-bards trying to seduce a patron.  Other towns and cities might prosper under the eyes of a group of people empowered by the Shard or Shards nearby.  Secret monasteries of repentant criminals turned monks dot quieter places in the world.  The feel of Endamon is really coming together.

We have started giving our villains a little thought but if our party is going to have challenges for a whole campaign they need a lot more…

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