Black Boxes and the LCD

Now that the wedding is over, I have to focus on the night of the nuptial themselves:  The S… E… X…

Yup.  It happens.  I recently mentioned adding to romance to your games and why it could be of value.  But despite relation romance is not sex and when it comes to physicality of the situation, well dear… Its time we had a talk about the birds and the bees and the chimeras.  The “physical act” has haunted gamers by both its presence and absence, real or imagined, since Father Gary sent out the dice.

Growing up on occasion rather than cut a scene or footage from a show or news story, the news stations on TV often used a floating black box to blot out the “naughty bits” or to conceal any actions of sex or nudity.  I mention this because they always had to account for the age and maturity of ANY viewer.  And while I don’t like to get preachy about how you should play or enjoy your game… You also must account for the age and maturity of ANY viewer when considering including any physical sexual acts in a game.

When making these decisions consider:

* Is this adding anything of value to the game?  Be honest, is the act itself really necessary?

* Is everyone at the table ok with this content?  Is this game in public or at a hobby shop?  Is this against the code of ethics of wherever I am at?  Is everyone in earshot part of your game?

* Is this a veil for something outside the game?  How real is this acts intention?  Will others at my table be okay with its reality?

If you have any hesitation in ANY of the above questions the answer is pretty simple: The physical act probably has NO PLACE at the table.

Yup, it just happened, the permissive and liberal GM just issued a nearly ironclad denial.

Instead, I offer you artful implication which can give you nearly all of the desired results without the graphic nature and most of the offense.  Keep the “black boxes” in place and save yourself a lot of headache.   You can dance delightfully near the most sinful of subjects but until you are sure of the entirety of the landscape (which is rare as hell) stay light on your feet.

Abstinence may actually be the best protection for the lowest common denominator at your table.

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