Round 2… Fight!

So, any of our fans out there probably know there was a VERY ambitious Kickstarter last year.  They also probably know that the most frequent question was “Okay… so what exactly is this?”  The project was huge, the aims complicated and even Kickstarter themselves called asking… “Ok, what the hell IS this?”  Was it a novel?  Was it serialized fiction?  Was it a rule book?  The answer was of course “Yes.”   And that was its downfall.  It was too big, and the results were unsurprising.

Lesson Learned.

We are announcing our new Kickstarter for later this year for “Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres” going to print.  That’s right our very first physical product!  Keep an eye out and don’t hesitate to contact Christen at if you would like to support, contribute or otherwise be involved with the Kickstarter.  Stay tuned for more information.

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