Leveling Up…

So yesterday I mentioned a passion for the Con gaming and its Alien sense, but I’d also like to mention the value of NOT gaming at a Con.  That’s right I said it.  I was gearing up during the PaizoCon registration process and my partner mentioned some panels and a painting workshop might be of interest.  Last year I bulled over the suggestions and we gamed damn near every minute.  I looked over the registrations and realized I needed to break out and try them.  I clicked through an entire day of no games.  I took a deep breath and kissed a couple organized play games goodbye.

Do your self a favor and take some time NOT gaming.  There are so many events at every Gaming convention that fill the edges with vibrant information, thoughtful discussion, and even training up related skills (painting for instance) that are not part of play event… but that likely make every play event, home game, and general prowess just a little better.

Today I learned the risks of exposing campaign secrets in my third party product, better layout for pdf products, a bundle of legal hurdles to make sure I can avoid and the importance of the “glazing” technique to painting a great miniature.  That last one really caught be off guard because clumsy painting, sloppy mistakes, and uneven breaks can all be blended away to character strengthening intrigue and textures with this simple process of light pigmentation, rapid drying and repetition of layer after layer of enrichment.  I have given up on so many things that could have been fixed, transfigured and become works of singular interest.

20 passes of nearly pink water paint CAN turn dark gray into fire engine red.

I watched a little determination, speed, and a willingness to suck a paint brush (in your mouth) shift a cloak of stone grey to vibrant breathing emerald.   It was a result so like magic as to be undetectable as technology… Seriously though, just like the painting demo these faint layers of “color” from non-active play events can deeply enrich us as gamers and I would probably even say as people.   We might just have to check are supplies and not be afraid to use a little spit.

You never know how bright the next layer could be until you put it down.

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