Bring Out Your Bad…

©2014 Lost Spheres Publishing

A long time coming…  Sometime in the summer of 1995 three brave souls stepped into a darkened and ancient portal.  The place it took them has haunted me ever since.  Ghosting around the periphery of my stories, games and art the world of Medikkar has grown into an increasingly real shadow eclipsing the light of many others.  When Paizo released its mythic rules last year I found hope that the invader denizens of the Dark Brother would exist not just in my fiction but also the worlds of I created at my table in the Pathfinder RPG with my friends.  The rules were robust and were instant classics taking a strong place in the high fantasy games of  my extended family of gamers.  But the mythic concept opened a great door to me, just like that long ago portal–What would other mythic paths be like?  What might other traditions of  power do if brought to light?  Here were the paths of the most classic of heroes… but what about villains?

Well a year later I have some of the answers… over 450 of them actually.   The Heirophant will  meet with the Hivemaster’s hordes.  Marshals will behold the dark power of the Hollow One’s suffering.  And I am seeing  the children of Medikkar fleshed into vivid reality.  Stalking through the ruins of the once devout, clashing with the rushing might of endless crusades, and preying upon the heavens themselves, the Godhunters are at long last coming to my table.

Well not just mine.

You see, they are coming for yours to.  The hunger of the Medikkari knows no bounds and they ceaselessly scour creation for new worlds, seeking new divine energies to gorge themselves, to sustain a world that long since should have died.  This summer will see the release of the Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres… and their boots will draw one step closer to you and yours.  Oh, and let the village priest know to make his prayers silent ones, lest they be stolen from his lips.

– C

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