Metagraphic - Company of Dwarves

Metagraphic – Company of Dwarves

Metagraphic - Elemental Exchanges

Metagraphic – Elemental Exchanges

Today marked the long-awaited (for us anyway) integration of the Transcendent 10 line’s Metagraphic cover.  The idea is simple enough.  We present our Pathfinder players with a “typical” adventuring party and the characters portrayed are masked in gray or blasting in full-color  as to the product’s relevance to them.  So in the first image, our dwarf-centered Feats of Synergy – Company of Dwarves, our iconic dwarf Vadmyr takes the sole-full color focus where as Spells of Synergy – Elemental Exchanges shades in our casters, psion and element wielding rogue to convey that characters of similar skills would benefit from them.  This is not to say a character would find nothing were his corresponding  icon is gray, but rather to show the immediate focus and benefit right away.   Check them out at all major Pathfinder game vendors:

The Metagraphic cover is by the very talented fantasy artist Michael Thom (

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