Granting Titles

Staring at something the scope I intend the Saga of the Lost Spheres to reach, it can be intimidating to contemplate in its entirety.  When I talk about it to science fiction and fantasy fans, I can pretty casually say “Yeah, it will probably be longer than Wheel of Time.”  While a few people instantly grasp what a statement like that means, I rarely take the time to draw back and try to see all of it at once as I write.  Fact is, it is huge.  Cripplingly,  mind-numbing-ly big.  And growing.  

In a lot of ways, this year’s commitment is about curbing that growth.  The more I can zoom in and focus, and actually crystalize these characters and their worlds, the slower those worlds expand.  So in many ways it is coming down to an “eat the elephant” approach.  One bite at a time.  While my intended audience will likely develop a growing interest in the metastory of the Saga and the larger parts of what is going on with my work, keeping the beating hearts of each world alive, unique and identifiable has been a big part of my mission.  As such I am electing to release likely working titles for the Year One serials.  And I may have heard once or twice something about names and power.   They are in no particular order:

Otrius – Face of the Chimera

Thaon – Shadows of the High Daughter

Meddikar – Pride of the Hunters

In no way do I commit to these as final titles… but I like them well enough for now and it gives me an easier way to talk about them.  As that my intention is diverge from a more contemporary or traditional approach to publishing and to plan for the future of the Saga, I find having names for the serial by year as well as world will certainly come in handy.  For instance I can say things like, “The opening scene of Pride of the Hunters will probably shock a lot of people.”

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One Response to Granting Titles

  1. Wow, I’m SO looking forward to reading these. As I have not read Wheel of Time, I don’t know just how long that is, but I do know these worlds will be something I WANT to know more about. And as for reading them, I don’t intend on “eating the elephant” all at once, just one bite at a time. Keep up the good work!


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